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Generate more revenue by delivering industry-leading password protection to your customers with KeeperMSP, the most secure cybersecurity platform to prevent password-related data leaks and cyber threats, designed exclusively for you as an MSP and for all your customers.

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Grow your business and better protect your customers with KeeperMSP

KeeperMSP offers a very powerful and user-friendly platform that allows you to protect the passwords and confidential data of your customers and that of your own organization in secure, private and encrypted vaults. You can provision, manage and monitor all your customers from a central management console with license pool, while also maintaining strict privacy and security policies for all users.

KeeperMSP offers you many advantages as an MSP / MSSP partner

A central MSP management console with an overview of all your customers
Full central Keeper password management functionality
A central license pool with flexible assignment or change of licenses to your customers
Competitive pricing with good margins for you as an MSP / MSSP partner
Monthly MSP invoicing with an overview of the number of licenses 

Good for your business

Protect passwords, login information and metadata

Store and manage your customers' and your organization's passwords, as well as login information, files and private information.

Generate new revenues

Earn repeated license revenues for password security management, monitoring, and services.

Increase customer satisfaction

Strengthen your customer relationships by adding quality profitable service to your MSP capabilities.

Improve compliance and reporting

Become a trusted cybersecurity advisor to your customers by understanding their password protection and enforcing robust policies.

Good for your customers

Limits the risk of data leaks

KeeperMSP creates random, strong passwords for all of your customers 'websites and apps, and stores them in a secure vault on all devices of your customers' employees.

Strengthens security and privacy

All of your customers' employees are provided with their own encrypted vault to store and manage their passwords, login information, files and private information.

Boosts employee productivity

Saves your customers' employees time, frustration and removes the need for them to recover, reuse and remember passwords.

Strengthens compliance standards

Supports role-based control, delegated management, 2FA, audits, SIEM event reporting and the requirements for your customers to adhere to HIPAA, DPA, FINRA, AVG and more

The best and safest choice

Private vaults for each user

Everyone gets a private safe to store and manage passwords, files and private data, on all types of devices.

Password generator

KeeperMSP generates strong, unique passwords and automatically fills them in apps and websites for your employees.

Shared folders, subfolders and passwords

Securely create, share and manage individual records as well as encrypted folders between teams or individual users.

Secure file storage

Protects confidential documents, photos and videos on an unlimited number of devices.

Management console

Distributes, manages, and monitors KeeperMSP across the organization and enforces password protection, 2FA, and other data security policies. Role-Based Access You can fully customize user permissions through fine-grained access controls based on the role and responsibilities of team members.

Version control and record history

Users can access a full overview of their records, view previous versions, see what has changed, and restore records whenever they want.

Security Audit Score and Reporting

KeeperMSP provides visibility into password protection with robust reporting and auditing tools to enforce internal controls and maintain compliance standards.

Additional MSP options

Integration with remote connection tools

Seamlessly autofill passwords and other data from the Keeper vault on your computer during remote sessions with KeeperFill for apps.

Isolate and care for your customers

Customer isolation allows you to independently provision, manage and monitor multiple customers with strict compliance, reporting and control.

Custom logo selector

Configured to enable the provision of custom branded safes and email invitations.

Invoicing tailored to your needs

Provides flexibility with bulk purchases, catered product bundles, and monthly billing to increase your recurring earnings.

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